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Buses: public transport

Whoever thinks of public transport, thinks of Van Hool. The wide range of buses offers each public transport company exactly that type of vehicle it is looking for: midi to double articulated, a midship or rear-mounted engine, alternative drive and fuel systems.
What these buses all have in common is their high quality, reliability and user-friendliness.

From XXL to S

Van Hool offers a complete range of city and intercity buses, to accomodate specified transport needs, from XXL (25 m) double to S (8.6 m) midibus. Thanks to an optimal engine location, Van Hool has achieved a full low floor over the entire length of the bus. When riding a Van Hool, you will appreciate:

From Euro VI to Fuel cell

Van Hool offers a complete range of state of the art environmental friendly buses, ranging from Euro VI to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), hybrid diesel-electric, hybrid trolley and hybrid fuel cell buses, to accommodate the cities’ growing needs to deal with the environment.

Van Hool is the coordinator of the second largest hydrogen subsidy project in Europe. Learn more>

Euro VI can be supplied with the latest in technology: EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction).

CNG buses with EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) certification complete the range.

Electric trolleybuses both 12m and 18m, with and without auxiliary group or in full bimode versions.

Hybrid Fuel Cell buses with the finest in propulsion technology, including battery storage and brake energy recuperation.

From design to after sales

Van Hool offers a cost-efficient range of buses, to enhance the operator to face the future challenges of public transport. For more than 60 years, Van Hool is recognized for top quality, sound engineering and industrial flexibility to respond to the ever increasing demands.

Van Hool bus concepts are time-tested and built with pride.

Van Hool provides its customers with direct access in the manufacturing plant for aftersales service and spare parts distribution.

Thanks to its vertical integration, Van Hool can act independently and efficiently.



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