Top class comfort

Top class comfort isn’t just a slogan. Travelling in a Van Hool coach is being in a comfortable, relaxed holiday atmosphere right from the beginning.
In the double-decker too, wide steps make it easy for everyone to board. And the optimum construction of the driveline means that the passengers can have a quiet nap in peace or enjoy the entertainment on offer on the audio and video installations to be found on these modern coaches.
The double-decker is available in the lengths 13.14 m and 14.10 m.

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Length 13150 mm 14105 mm
Height 4000 mm 4000 mm
Width 2550 mm 2550 mm
Seats 88 + 1 + 1 93 + 1 + 1
Max. Luggage compartment 7.02 m3 7.72 m3
Wheelbase 6160 / 1300 mm 6850 / 1300 mm
Front overhang 2595 mm 2595 mm
Rear overhang 3095 mm 3360 mm

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