Comfortable & ergonomic dashboard


Within the design of the new dashboard, the comfort and ergonomics of the driver were paramount. Without loss of functionality, additional space was created, thereby improving the driver’s boarding and egress; amongst others by integrating the shift lever into the dashboard. The black shell on top of the dashboard prevents irritating reflections in the front windshield but is also removable thereby providing easy access to componentry.

 Comfortable & ergonomic dashboard

Multifunctional turning knob

From heating to lighting, from mirrors to checking the vehicle’s parameters. The driver has everything under control thanks to the new multifunctional turning knob. The intuitive operation and speed buttons for the main functions allow the driver to quickly lock in the correct settings and to consult valuable information. Moreover, personal preferences can be memorized, thereby meeting the individual wishes of the drivers to the maximum extent possible.

Multifunctional colour display

A colour display provides the status of the vehicle in a glance, in a convenient and graphical way. In combination with the multifunctional turning knob, this colour display provides for a user friendly interface which gives access to all possible settings. Through the video input, the image from the outside reverse camera is projected.

Bosch Profline 3

The new generation of onboard multimedia with integrated Bluetooth, USB and audio connection. Improved quality by use of high grade connections and increased output for better sound quality.

Switches serie 4100

New generation of high grade built-in switches in a modern and ageless design, with LED control lamps, indicating switch-position.

Everything for a comfortable trip

Cup holders

Automatic entrance lighting.

Operation of microphone integrated in armrest of driver’s seat.
Conveniently located switches at the entrance door. Central locking of the luggage bay doors, luggage compartment lighting, curbside lighting (optional), lighting of guide’s tablet.
Door lock with dual push buttons to operate front and middle doors.
Storage area and bottle holder.
Comfortabel & ergonomisch dashboard

Multifunction remote control (optional)

Individual opening and locking of entrance doors, central locking of the luggage bay doors (left and right separately), alarm on/off.
Everything for the guide

Everything for the guide

Grouped multimedia connections:

USB connection;
VGA connection (optional);
24V socket;
220V socket (optional);
audio/video switch.

Private storage area.

Multimedia screen (option):
CLM monitor or Funtoro multimedia screen

Refrigerator integrated in dashboard (50 liters).

Comfort for your passengers

Comfort for your passengers

Climate control

The complete TX range comes with a “state of the art” climate control system, in terms of ventilation, heating, air conditioning and operation. The new air conditioning with the compact AC188 drop in unit has a substantially increased capacity (35 kW cooling/42 kW heating) with more airflow, in combination with a lower noise level. Easy access to filters and unit results in a better and faster maintenance. The new dual zone control, with separate sensors, for front and rear, that drive the water temperature floor heating system, guarantees an even temperature in the vehicle’s interior. The graphical colour display in combination with the multifunctional turning knob provides for an easy and intuitive operation of the climate control.

New multisets:

 illuminated touch buttons - new generation LED lighting - HQ speaker - optic fibre night lights