60 Van Hool curtainside trailers for Cool Solutions

60 Van Hool curtainside trailers for Cool Solutions

Koningshooikt, Belgium – Van Hool, an independent manufacturer of buses, coaches and industrial vehicles, is to supply Cool Solutions transport company in Ostend with 60 curtainside trailers. The largest order to be placed by Cool Solutions up till now, it is designed to further boost this relatively young company’s plans for the future.

The 60 curtainside trailers will be built to meet the specific requirements of the tasks carried out by Cool Solutions for its customers. All 60 trailers will be 13.60 metre long ferry trailers fitted with internal side boards, a strengthened chassis and a sturdy superstructure that meet the strictest load safety standards.

“Thanks to a creative approach, the daily dedication of a team of enthusiastic employees and constant investments in solution-oriented applications and vehicles Cool Solutions has grown into a reliable presence in the world of transport,” says Romuald Lagast, CEO of Cool Solutions. “With these new curtainside trailers we can offer our customers even greater flexibility than before and cut transit times even further, reducing them to a bare minimum.”

Van Hool is a Belgian independent bus, coach and industrial vehicle manufacturer. The company, established in 1947, is based in Koningshooikt (Belgium). The vast majority of the vehicles produced are destined for Europe and America. Van Hool employs more than 4,000 people worldwide, most of whom work at the manufacturing plants in Koningshooikt and Bree.

Cool Solutions is an international transport company that was set up in 1999 and has its head office in Ostend. The company specializes in the just-in-time or pre-booked transportation of freight from the Continent to England, Wales and Scotland and vice versa. All transportation on the Continent and in Southern England and Wales is coordinated from its office in Ostend. Its offices in Hull and Gatsehead are responsible for transportation in Northern England and Scotland.