Van Hool builds world’s biggest airport shuttle bus

Van Hool builds world’s biggest airport shuttle bus

Van Hool, an independent manufacturer of buses, touring coaches and industrial vehicles, has just built the world’s biggest airport shuttle bus by SGSIA, a company which does the ground handling at the International Airport of Algiers (Algeria). Since the beginning of this year, 3 of these buses have been deployed at Algiers airport to ferry passengers back and forth between the airport building and the aircraft.

The shuttle bus is the world’s biggest capacity-wise and can carry 160 passengers (146 standing and 14 seated) (*). The vehicle is undeniably large: no less than 14.64m long and 3.75m wide (cf. a regular transit bus, has a length of 12m and a width of 2.55m). To expedite getting on and off the bus, it comes with no less than 6 double doors: 2 on the right side, 2 on the left side, 1 at the front and 1 at the rear.

Besides the unusually high capacity of the vehicle, the International Airport of Algiers had another special requirement: due to the extreme weather conditions in Algeria, a double air-conditioning system had to be integrated, in order to transport passengers in comfortable conditions.

The vehicles have been in service for some months now and this to the passengers’ great satisfaction. The shuttle buses prove their worth, day in day out: all the passengers from an average-sized aircraft can be brought to the terminal in 1 go. Not only are the shuttle buses highly practical, they also enhance the appeal of the International Airport of Algiers.”

This order reinforces the International Airport of Algiers’s trust in Van Hool. Indeed, since 1991, Van Hool has supplied 17 special shuttle buses already in different versions, all of which are still in service. That stems directly from Van Hool’s commitment to train local maintenance staff in Algiers in order to keep these unique buses in top-notch condition for the demanding local climatic conditions.


(*): Standing room is calculated as per the prevailing IATA standard (International Air Transportation Association) of 4 passengers per m².