Van Hool launches its new range of TX vehicles at Busworld Kortrijk.

Van Hool launches its new range of TX vehicles at Busworld Kortrijk.

Busworld 2011 in Kortrijk is the ideal venue for Van Hool to launch its new range of vehicles. The successor to the universally familiar and praised T9 range is given the name TX. From the Alicron to the Astromega, all the coaches have been adapted in line with the latest trends in coach travel. The different facets of a coach were re-examined and optimised based on more than 60 years of experience as a manufacturer as well as feedback from clients, passengers and drivers. The new interior and exterior design is the pinnacle of many years of constant technological evolutions.

The new TX range

Van Hool has constantly kept the concept and technology of its vehicles at the very highest level, while setting new trends with the latest technological applications. For the TX range all elements from climate control to driver's position, from driving behaviour to ease of maintenance, from passenger comfort to entertainment were subjected to critical studies and consequently optimised. The design, both inside and outside, was adapted to the latest trends, without affecting the individuality of the timeless shape that has always characterised Van Hool coaches. From small to large, from the Alicron to Astromega, all the coach types were renewed simultaneously.

The TX is a complete new range. The new shape and new lights give the front a sporty and dynamic appearance, but also one of robustness and safety. The side is smooth and aerodynamic. An important safety advantage is the lowered window at the boarding door and the driver's side. The rear, with every attention to safety such as LED light blocks and secondary lights, also gives the TX its own easily recognisable character.

Every attention to the driver and his/her working environment!
Inside one notices immediately the new dashboard. The instruments and switches are new and fitted more around the steering wheel. The AS-Tronic's gear lever has been moved to the dashboard so the driver has easy access to his/her ergonomic work position. An easily accessible knob combines a number of functions such as the operation of mirrors, interior lighting and heating. A colour screen keeps the driver fully informed of the operation of all technical elements and settings.

A real work position for the guide.
The guide has an extendible worktop with integrated lighting as standard. The external connections for audiovisual applications have been grouped in an easily accessible and shielded location.

Comfort and relaxation for the passengers.
The new luggage racks increase the feeling of spaciousness in the vehicle, while the integrated LED lighting ensures light distribution throughout the whole vehicle. The TX has been fully fitted with 19” video screens for increased viewing pleasure. The new multisets include illuminated touch controls, integrated night lighting and high quality loudspeakers. A new, internally developed climate control system with a number of sensors, separate zone control and an increased capacity guarantee even temperature distribution.

Obviously the latest generation of economic and environmentally friendly drive lines has been included, and the TX concept has already been developed with the next generation of Euro6 engines in mind.

The names Alicron, Acron, Astron, Astronef, Altano and Astromega are kept and continue to be a reference to the height and design of the coaches.

Van Hool also retains its flexibility with the new TX range. Many variations and options are possible. A number of them can be seen and experienced in Kortrijk: glass roof, luxurious seats, individual infotainment systems, and a great deal more….

Van Hool will be presenting a TX11 Alicron, TX16 Alicron, a TX16 Astron, a TX17 Astronef, a TX17 Altano and a TDX27 Astromega.

Many coach companies have already demonstrated their confidence and ordered TX vehicles.