Van Hool leads 3Emotion, a European consortium on hydrogen fuel cell buses

Van Hool leads 3Emotion, a European consortium on hydrogen fuel cell buses

3Emotion project (2015 – 2019) foresees the delivery of 21 hydrogen fuel cell buses in London (UK), Rome (Italy), Rotterdam and the Province of Zuid-Holland (Netherlands), Cherbourg (France) and Flanders (Belgium), as well as two new fuelling stations (Cherbourg and Rome).

Project value amounts to 41.8 million Euros.

Van Hool develops two new types of hydrogen fuel cell buses.

Koningshooikt – Van Hool, manufacturer of buses, coaches and industrial vehicles, will lead a consortium of 14 partners across six European member states. Between 2015 and 2019, together, they will realise the commissioning of 21 hydrogen fuel cell buses in London (UK), Rome (Italy), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Cherbourg (France) and Flanders (Belgium). The project, which has been given the name 3Emotion (Environmentally Friendly, Efficient, Electric Motion), will run for five years (2015 – 2019) and will have a total value of 41.8 million Euros. The European Commission will cover 15 million Euros of the total amount.

As project leader, with the support of 13 partners (*), Van Hool will coordinate the entire project, including research, the development and manufacturing of buses powered by hydrogen, and the infrastructure for the hydrogen fueling stations. With this 3Emotion project, the consortium meets the targets set by the European Union: the reduction of CO2 and other harmful emissions (such as fine dust and NOx), the goal of zero-emissions public transport and renewable energy sources, and the creation of green jobs in the member states. For Flanders, the project includes three articulated buses that will be deployed in Antwerp, together with the hydrogen-powered Van Hool buses that were recently delivered.

Filip Van Hool, CEO at Van Hool NV, stresses the importance of this project for the company: “We already have some ten years of experience with hydrogen fuel cell buses. Today, we have 49 hydrogen fuel cell buses operational in Europe (27) and in the USA (22). The priceless experience that we have gained in the process will prove valuable for the development of new-generation hydrogen fuel cell buses within the framework of the 3Emotion project. These vehicles with high added value are of tremendous importance for our plant in Koningshooikt.”

Van Hool is a Belgian independent manufacturer of buses, touring coaches and industrial vehicles. The company, founded in 1947, is established in Koningshooikt. The vast majority of the production is intended for Europe and America. Van Hool has over 4,750 employees worldwide working in the production sites in Koningshooikt and Bree (Belgium), and in Skopje (Macedonia).


(*) : The 14 partners of the consortium are:

Dantherm Power AS (Denmark); Air liquide Advanced Technologies (France); Cotral SpA (Italy); Communauté urbaine de Cherbourg (France); Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electro-Mobility in European Regions (Belgium); Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (France); Regione Lazio (Italy); Vlaamse Vervoersmaatschappij De Lijn (Belgium); the Province of Zuid-Holland (Netherlands); London Bus Service Ltd (UK); Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram NV (Netherlands); WaterstofNet vzw (Belgium); FIT Consulting SRL (Italy); Van Hool NV (Belgium).


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