Van Hool presents first “Exqui.City design Geneva” for TPG at UITP congress (26-30 May in Geneva)

Van Hool presents first “Exqui.City design Geneva” for TPG at UITP congress (26-30 May in Geneva)

Koningshooikt (Belgium), Geneva (Switzerland) – Van Hool, the independent manufacturer of buses, coaches and industrial vehicles, is presenting the first example of the new Exqui.City design Geneva (TPG) at the biennial UITP congress in Geneva, Switzerland (26-30 May 2013 at Palexpo, Geneva). It is an 18-metre, articulated trolley version of the Exqui.City, of which the company responsible for public transport in the canton of Geneva, TPG or les Transports Publics Genevois, has ordered a total of 33.

The Exqui.City design Geneva is the result of close collaboration between TPG and Van Hool. This important project signals Van Hool’s arrival on the Swiss "BHLS vehicle” market (Buses with a High Level of Service). What makes this vehicle so special is that traction is provided by two powered axles. The Exqui.City design Geneva can therefore be used in difficult weather conditions on routes where fairly large differences in height are encountered over short distances. The vehicles will go into service this year and next.

Van Hool presented a roadworthy prototype of the Exqui.City at Busworld (the biennial world Mecca of buses and luxury coaches) in Kortrijk, Belgium, for the first time exactly two years ago. This new type of vehicle has a multi propulsion platform and this platform means that the Exqui.City, both the 18 m and the 24 m design, can be configured in various, environmentally-friendly versions such as a trolley, hybrid systems (diesel-electric and CNG-electric), fuel cell hybrid or full electric bus.

The Exqui.City combines the flexibility of a bus with the efficiency of a tram. The new “tram-buses” are timeless yet futuristic in design and offer a high level of comfort with air-conditioning, a low noise level and soft lighting. A low floor and the four double doors guarantee optimal accessibility. /

With the Exqui.City Van Hool offers a realistic solution to the demand for safe, environmentally friendly, efficient and economic urban transport. Cities such as Metz
(27x 24m diesel hybrid vehicles), Barcelona (3x 24m diesel hybrid vehicles), Parma (9x 18m hybrid trolleys), Luxemburg (5x 24m diesel hybrid vehicles) and Malmö (15x 24m CNG hybrid vehicles) have opted for the Exqui.City for those very reasons. A total of 92 vehicles have been ordered up till now.

Van Hool is a Belgian independent bus, coach and industrial vehicle manufacturer. The company, established in 1947, is based in Koningshooikt (Belgium). The vast majority of the vehicles produced are destined for Europe and America. Van Hool employs more than 4,000 people worldwide, most of whom work at the manufacturing plants in Koningshooikt and Bree.