Hybride Trolley

Van Hool offers a complete range of hybrid diesel buses.
From a midibus over a standard bus to articulated
Van Hool opted for the most user-friendly solution, i.e.
a serial hybrid version with ultracaps. By recuperating
the braking energy, fuel consumption and emissions are
considerably reduced while the diesel engine performs
optimally at a stop but also during service with regard to
noise and emission.

Hybrid trolley
A330 T

A330 T

AG300 T

AG300 T

Length 11995 mm 17550 mm
Height 3683 mm 3683 mm
Width 2550 mm 2550 mm
Seats 30 + chauffeur + 2 klapstoelen 45 + chauffeur + 2 klapstoelen
Wheelbase 5790 mm 5790 mm
Front overhang 2715 mm 2715 mm
Rear overhang 3490 mm 3490 mm
Boarding height 330 mm 330 mm
Standing height

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